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Additional, online resources include information below about Health Care.

How will healthcare reform changes affect you?

As the Affordable Care Act of 2010 continues to be phased in, the American healthcare and insurance systems are undergoing dramatic changes. Some of the most significant changes are set to occur in October 2014, and will impact how you access healthcare insurance and medical care, as well as what you pay for them.

Risk Reduction Solutions stays up-to-the-minute on healthcare legislation –  how it impacts individuals, employers and insurers, and how you can affordably access insurance coverage that provides the best medical care with high-quality providers. Therefore, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with a KHI representative today.

We believe you have a right to fully understand your options, too.

Helpful Links – information about the new insurance marketplace; how healthcare plan coverages are changing; new options for individuals, small businesses and other employers; and what to do to prepare now.

Group Products – information and expertise to help small businesses customize effective, cost-efficient benefits options for employees.

KHI Resources for Human Resources Clients – including healthcare reform updates.


Updates – Documents

February 2014: Final Employer Shared Responsibility Regulations Issued

March 5, 2014: Insurance Standards Bulletin Series – Extension of Transitional Policy through October 1, 2016

NAHU Capitol Conference 2014


Approved Forms

These applications will be used in all states with federally facilitated or state partnership Marketplaces.  The applications for state-run Marketplaces may differ.

The applications will be used both to apply for coverage and to determine whether an individual or family is eligible for a subsidy.

There are three different applications and instructions for each:

  • Individual Short Form – For single adults with no dependents who are not eligible for employer health coverage and who want to determine if they are eligible for subsidies.
  • Standard Form – For anyone who is eligible for employer health coverage and wants to determine if they are eligible for subsidies.
  • Individual Without Financial Assistance Form – Form that can be used by anyone who does not want to provide employment and income information to determine if they are eligible for subsidies.

Beginning October 1, the forms can be completed online through or paper forms can be submitted by mail by the insured.  Agents can complete the paper form with the insured but must transmit it online.

Individual Short Form

Individual Short Form Instructions

Standard Form

Standard Form Instructions

Individual Without Financial Assistance Form

Individual Without Financial Assistance Instructions